Welcome to United Pride Dairy!

United Pride Dairy is a 21 year partnership between two neighboring families, cowsthe Peskos and Jasurdas. The farms were joined in 1996 to create one larger farm, commonly referred to as “UPD”.  Both families have been farming in Phillips, Wisconsin for 106 years.  Ed Jasurda handles herd health and genetics while Jon Pesko manages employees and business planning. In 2014, Jeremy, Jon’s son, and Bill, Jon’s son-in-law, joined the partnership. Jeremy’s tasks include maintenance and cropping and Bill’s tasks include calf raising, milk hauling, and technology.

The leadership team works together to ensure the cows are well cared for and the operation runs smoothly. In 2010, UPD built a 60-stall rotary parlor and a 1200 stall cross-ventilated barn to help manage the growing herd and the changes in technology. The parlor complex includes a conference room, offices, and observation area. There are two additional farms owned by UPD within 5 miles of the main dairy which houses heifers and bulls.

The herd is primarily Holstein, with some Jerseys, Guernseys, and cross breeds.   The milk is transported by UPD to a Foremost processing plant in Milan, WI, about 60 miles south of Phillips. Approximately 19,000 gallons of milk are produced daily at UPD. In 2016, 62,157,630 pounds of milk were produced, which equates to 7,227,631 gallons!

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For the safety of our animals, employees, and visitors, tours are by appointment only!